According to a growing list of medical experts, obesity is classified as a disease. Not everyone agrees, but if you look at the facts it is difficult to argue the staggering impact of obesity on the health of those who suffer from this affliction. The numerous conditions associated with obesity are not only costly and disabling, they can have a dramatic effect on the quality of a person's live. 

For those who are significantly overweight, dieting and exercise alone often prove ineffective, leading to frustration, depression and further weight gain. If that describes your situation then a surgical solution may be appropriate. However, before you make the decision to have weight loss surgery, you should consult with your primary physician. 

Obesity is a Disease 

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It's important to recognize that surgery alone may not solve the problem. For optimal results it is necessary to employ a comprehensive approach to bring about permanent lifestyle changes. The process is not easy or quick, and as with the treatment of any serious medical condition it requires the assistance of experts. At the Southlake Weight Management Program we pride ourselves in providing our patients with an experienced team that is committed to your success..